Selecting Setup -> Employees opens up a window for you to add new staff or edit existing ones.

To add a new employee use the left-hand pane, to enter in details as follows:

Name of employee:  This is the name displayed in the roster and in selection menus.

Skills: Select all the skills that apply to this employee by clicking the drop down. Each skill you add is shown in the box.

To remove a skill, click on the “x” that corresponds to the skill you wish to remove. For more information on setting up skills click here.

Include In Solver Solution: Leave this box checked to automatically include this user in your roster. For more information click here

Username for employee: This is the name your staff member will use to log in to CoRoster This can be different to their name used in the roster above.

Password: This is the password your staff member will use to log in to CoRoster in combination with their Username

If your schedule uses a rotating roster, you may need to contact us to ensure new staff are placed in the correct place in the rotation. Please get in touch if you are not sure.